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General Terms and Conditions

1- General scope:
Unless otherwise expressly agreed, our general terms and conditions apply. By the claim of our services our terms and conditions are held as binding and accepted. Aberrations from our terms and conditions are effective only by a written confirmation provided by us.
2- Placing an order and conclusion of contract:
Our offers and your orders will be confirmed in a written form. The customer shall be obliged to provide us with all relevant factors required to fulfil the contract such as Name and Address of the customer, place of the contract, date, number of people, requested vehicle, number of luggage.
3- Prices and modes of payment of tours:
The costumer acknowledges that the price agreed upon in the offer applies solely on the agreed distance and the mentioned length of the trip (the agreed service). Additional services shall be invoiced separately.
All expenses not relating to the operation of the vehicle, especially road tolls, ferry fees, parking fees, road and other taxes in Austria and abroad – are to be paid by the costumer, as long as it is not otherwise agreed in written form. A possible arrangement for lodging (half-board) and board/accommodation of the driver as well as their incurred expenses are covered by the costumer (contractor). The fare is, unless otherwise agreed, is due without deductions after invoicing. In the event of default of payment the customer agrees to pay default interests at the current Base Interest Rate. Moreover, the costumer is obliged to reimburse dunning and collection expenses incurred in case of default, as far as they are necessary for appropriate prosecution.
4. Rejection of transport orders:
We are entitled at any time to reject transport orders and/or to abort, whenever for any reason imminent threat of damage occurs for the costumers, passengers and/or staff. Particularly we are entitled to exclude People from transport services for the following reasons:
a) Drunkenness, inappropriate behaviour or people who may soil the vehicle;
b) Children under the age of 14 without an accompanying adult;
c) Take-over of luggage as long as a proper placement is not adequately secured.
d) Animals will be transported only when they do not pose any danger and/or disturbance to passengers/staff. A muzzle is to be carried and used whenever requested.
5. Cancellations:
Cancellations must be made in a timely manner (the latest on the day before) – by telephone, by fax, also by e-mail or in person. In-time cancellations are free of charge. With Cancellations till 2 hours prior to the start of the journey we charge € 8,-. With cancellations within the last hour prior to the start of the journey we charge € 12,- plus statutory value-added-tax.
6. Liability:
The company shall be liable for the punctual availability of the vehicle, as long as it not hindered by circumstances which are not be avoided (higher violence, strike, unusual or unforeseeable hindrances in road traffic. The hired car must be occupied only by the number of passengers which it is allowed/authorized for.
Should the number of passengers exceed the allowed or agreed number, the company/driver is entitled to resign from the agreed service under preservation of all rights.
The company assumes no liability for money and other valuable objects.
The car rental company assumes no liability for luggage pieces that are lost after unloading the car.
There shall be also no liability for pieces of luggage (hand luggage) which are left in the car or bus during stopovers or overnight. The orderer will be liable for damages (filth) in the vehicle caused by his passengers.
The fixed seatbelts in the vehicle are to be fastened according to instructions during the drive.
Passengers disregarding justified instructions despite warnings of the driver may be excluded from transportation if the disregard of the instructions poses a risk to the security or to fellow passenger. In such cases, there shall be no claim on return transport or recourse claim of the orderer against the company. Complaints shall be addressed to the driver or the company.
6. Conclusion of contract modalities:
The driving services of the driver must meet the requirements of labour legislation (e.g. resting times, driving times, rest breaks etc.)
7. Place of jurisdiction:
Austrian law is agreed. Place of jurisdiction is Vienna.